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Suspension Clamp ADSS

Suspension Hardware For ADSS Optical Fiber Suspension Hardware ADSS, Lightweight, corrosion resistant and quick installation, can be installed with through bolt and / or stainless steel strip. The scope of application is: aerial, wall-mounting, pole. Suspension hardware are used for short and medium spans of ADSS fiber optical cable as well as Aerial drop cables,…
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Helicall Tension Set ADSS

Helical Dead EndHelical Tension Dead End, Span 200 meters. Made of Aluminum Clad Steel, Aluminum or galvanized steel wires. Aluminum oxide inside to prevent sliding of the cable. Used in dead ends and installations to retain fiber optic ADSS. Download Datasheet Of Helical Dead End [span2] [service_box title="Update, 2016" icon="icon7" text="Helical Dead End"" btn_text="Download "…
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